La Saladou

PermaCamp’14 preparations


The last weekend of march we were up at La Saladou to meet up with the local Permacamp Team (Jerome, Andy and Jonathan) to start the preparations for the PermaCamp ’14. On five different locations on the land we’ve cleared places of the pine trees growing there, creating nice camping spots for this summer. At the same time gathering wood for the mobile saw mill and reinforcing the terras structures at La Saladou with the cut-off branches. A thrice rewarding job!

This summer we’ll have five different camp sites. Four of them with room for 5- 10 tents and one for campervans. Each camp site will get his own outdoor-shower and dry-toilet. These will be build in the first workshop of the PermaCamp.

The new campervan spot:

campervan spot

Clearing terraces to extend the road (and some nice camping places!):

clearing terrace

The pile of wood ready for the mobile saw mill. We’ve collected all different kinds of wood: pine, beech, chessnut and even some wild cherry:

wood for mobile mill

Just above each of the camping sites we’ve placed cubic meter water tanks. These will be filled from the well, wrapped in black foil and serve as hot water supply for the outdoor showers. Showering with a view!

watertank for shower

I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok! It snowed all night and we worked all day!

in the snow


  1. Hi everybody!
    It’s Basset from CDP 2013, remember me? I’m glad to see you keep up the good work! I try to do my best too and if you’re fed up with you’re mountain climate, try Tunisia, you are verry welcome anytime !!!

    • Hey Basset!

      Ofcourse we remember you 🙂 How’s life in Tunisia? We’re indeed keeping up the good work, the 2014 PermaCamp was great (and is still not finished as we speak). Ernst finally got his PDC certificate :). Lot’s of love from us! Jasper (& Frederieke)

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